The Waiting is the Hardest Part

Let me jump right in

First off, we are humbled by the support this thing has gotten. Almost 1400 views and 1000 visitors looking at it with close to 400 following. Honestly, I expected maybe 50 people to take a look the first day and trail into nothing. So thank you for caring and all the positive thoughts and comments. We’re truly blown away and huge believers in positive energy and all that riding the wave. So keep the prayers/good thoughts/mojo coming or way.  If you haven’t followed please do.  There’s a follow button somewhere on your screen. If you cant find it, ask a young person and they’ll find it in two seconds and flip the phone back at you with a look of pity and sorrow. Again though, from the bottom of my heart, thank you, now I have to/get to keep doing this. It means a lot. So now heres the update.

Elizabeth is still at Baptist South. We hoped to get her home saturday but her bilirubin levels were still elevated. They took blood again today and it was even a little higher. She’s still really in a lot of pain with the stint they put in. Lots of morphine. The RN’s and staff could not be nicer. I wish Dr. Collins (lead oncologist with Borland Grover) were there on the weekend, or could just pop in to talk, because, waiting. We were talking today and wondering if they are just going to ship her over to mayo tomorrow (monday). As far as her mood, I cant speak for her but I’d hope it was a good day. I went over in the morning and watched CBS Sunday Morning. Which is what we do usually because, we’re old. We both lay on the couch next to each other and pretend to be awake usually. Or we DVR it and watch it at a reasonable hour because who wakes up at 9am on Sunday. Before you answer that, she typically sleeps in, so only one of us is old and wakes up with the roosters. Anyway, we genuinely laughed at one story about this girl selling Girl Scout cookies and one tasted like “A gluten free wasteland, like dirt” and sold 24000 boxes from her letter that went viral. But it was a gut laugh, which I dont think we’ve had in the past three or four days. Instead of family in the room she had friends coming in and out, which if it were me I’d prefer. I even split and let her be, which truth be told, if the situation were transposed, I’d even say, hey, I appreciate the support and love you, but go do it somewhere else.  Nothing against family but sometimes people that you can just talk nonsense with is much better (thanks Robin and Robin, Bettina, and Angela and anyone else that popped in).

Oh, do you remember Dr. Mumbles from the last post? Yeah, he came back in last night. Still the same blank look on his face as when we first met him. Most likely he was the fifth doctor who said trident was nonsense and any other survey on a commercial where they needed credentials. Anyway he’s telling us (Elizabeth, Myself, and ham and cheese were in the room, for all the new people here, that’s Hannah and Haley, our daughters) about blood pressure and if you pass out what to do. Lay down, and elevate your feet.  Then he goes into he was waiting to get his haircut someplace and (apparently) someone passed out and they drug their lifeless heap of a body to the back.

He never noticed.

He was “looking at his phone or something when my wife said, I think you need to do something”

Ok, lets review. Because I think anytime anytime someone just falls out there would be a commotion. Obviously he was locked into playing angry birds or wondering what would happen if he drank the blue stuff in the jar with the combs in it. So he didn’t notice until his wife jarred him from his self induced coma. The woman was ok because he saved the day, laid her back, elevated the feet, and boom, she was fine. Then he went back to angry birds. I asked him though, hey bilirubin, what is it? He mumbled something about digestion and couldn’t leave fast enough. Which is how I feel about Mayo. We cant get there fast enough. We’re just waiting. And waiting. And waiting. With no answers. And no real questions because we aren’t sure what we’re dealing with still. And we want to hear it from straight from the specialists at Mayo. Like Petty sings, you can take it on faith, you take it to the heart, the waiting is the hardest part. Right now, truer words have never been sung. Love you guys and blog at you later.

6 thoughts on “The Waiting is the Hardest Part

  1. The entire Anderson clan up here in Virginia has you in our prayers. We have also added you to our church prayer list and hey…Im a Witch…I’ve got friends in lots of places so we are doing some energy raising for positive healing for y’all as well. It’s what we do. Nice break from hexing Trump😬 Just kidding…or am I? Anyways…only good juju from here on out.

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  2. You are all in my prayers. Amy and I lost our mother to Pancreatic Cancer so we know the struggle and the waiting. I pray that they are able to come up with the best solution for Elizabeth. You seem like a wonderful husband and father. Keep the faith…..

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  3. I am praying for you, Elizabeth and your family. Amy and I lost our Mom (Ann Bazer from Buchholz) to pancreatic cancer. I pray they find the best options for Elizabeth and an answer as soon as possible. Waiting is tough keep the faith ❤

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  4. Hello- it’s Elizabeth. Thank you everyone for everything. And to my amazing husband who is taking this on as well as everything else. He’s amazing. Just a little note – we are seeing Dr. Cooper with Borland Groover and he’s our GI guy. Once we get to Mayo we are praying for Rich Joseph as our oncologist ( I had his sweet daughter in my preschool class last year). It’s Monday morning and we are just waiting to hear something. Bob will keep you posted. 😊🙏🏼💗


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