So, onto plan A

Let me jump right in……

Yeah, its a midday post but wanted to keep everyone updated.  After getting to Mayo, we spoke with our friend Rich Joesph, the doctor that greased the wheels from us. There might not be a better guy walking the face of the earth. Told Elizabeth if she’s in pain, order more meds. Nobody is judging here, the pain needs to get under control. It got a little emotional but he offered up the best advice. Cry today, and that’s fine, but tomorrow cry a lot less and the day after even less, because you gotta get tough. Told us if we needed anything, don’t hesitate to call. So that was great.

Then the doctors start rolling in. If you ever want to feel old, come to the Mayo Clinic for treatment. They all look straight out of a high school play. Even the lead guy looked all of about thirty.  And tiny. Well except for I guess the giant intern wearing an ill fitting small jacket. But I digress. Anyway, she’s going today for another scope where they will remove/replace the stints in her liver causing her discomfort because they aren’t doing what they need to do anyway.  Once that’s fixed and the liver is “happy” (probably as soon as next week, her levels are 9.8 and they need to be around a 3) they can start chemo. The good news is she can go home in as soon as a couple of days. We, well she, will start outpatient chemo to shrink the tumor.  After an estimated six rounds they will perform the surgery and cut this thing out. We asked about a transplant and were answered with, no. They were going to do another MRI to get a better look with their machine because they all but said, ours is a badass state of the art d-slr camera with a super high def zoom lens and baptist might as well use a Polaroid and blow on the film and shake it when it comes out. But these doctors are just super confident. Kind of like talking to your mechanic about fixing your transmission. You could never do it but these guys seemed like it would be no problem, they do this all the time. It makes you feel better. So at least now we have a plan and the ball is rolling in the right direction. Hopefully we can stay with plan A and don’t have to start moving down the line in typical Reeves fashion until we’re on plan J or something ridiculous like that. So its a good thing

And thanks again for all the support. There’s around 425 people following this nonsense and again, I’m a huge believer in positive thought (even more so now). So keep riding the wave, cause we aren’t out of the woods yet. Love you guys and blog at you soon #uphillbattle

13 thoughts on “So, onto plan A

  1. I pray everyday that God will keep watch over Elizabeth, her medical team, her support team, mainly you Bob, Mom, the girls and all the family and friends that love her. I can’t help but cry when I read what’s she’s going through. I was recently diagnosed with hereditary cirrhosis and pray God will be good to me too and let this liver keep working for another 20-30 years. Elizabeth has many more years to go than me and she will keep fighting the fight. My mom’s motto was “fight the good fight” and I’m sure Aunt Emilie and Uncle Charlie are watching over her too. She has some real good guardian angels fighting for her.

    Love to all, Judy


  2. From a chaplain’s perspective I agree with Dr. Joseph. Give yourself time and space to be weary and tearful but then get ready to fight! God’s got this … but you two need to do your part and keep up the positive attitude. So glad you had good experience at Baptist and that you are having good experience at Mayo. Don’t hesitate to request chaplain support!

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  3. So glad to hear that there is a plan, and that they are getting on it. Please relay to Elizabeth that pain control is so very important to her state of mind. Don’t be afraid to use it. Once she doesn’t need it, she will be able to stop it. Thanks again, Bob, for the updates. Continuing positive thoughts and sending love your way.

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  4. This sounds very positive and glad you are getting a plan, some answers and are ready to rock n’ roll and get er done! We’ll keep the prayers and mojo flowing and look forward to these blog updates. You gotta love these doctors who spent so much time crackin’ the books so they could save lives and make people happy. God bless ’em!


  5. Yay yore in such good hands. And yep those interns and residents make you feel about 80. But I guarantee you the attendings (leader of the packs) are very experienced and know their stuff. Kudos to pain control. Prayers.


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