One game at a Time


Ok, first win of the season here people. Elizabeth more than likely, fingers crossed, will finally be coming home tomorrow and leaving the Temple of Doom. Apparently, the stint they put in at Baptist came loose and fell out, basically leaving her in the same position as when she went in. The bilirubin was going nowhere. Hindsight being 20/20, probably should’ve just bumped her to Mayo from the jump but that’s neither here nor there. She’s feeling a lot better, the pain it seems to have subsided, and if the river don’t run and the creek don’t rise well, we get our fourth leg back in the house.  I couldn’t be more excited. As I was riding down in the elevator on the way to find Ham and Cheese this woman looked at me.  “I know that look, because I have it too, it’s discharge day”. We both swapped stories and they were about the same, the season ain’t over but hey, a win is a win

I know we have a long way to go because like I said from the jump, this ain’t a sprint, its a marathon. We have more scans and consults later next week to see what’s the next step. Again, positive thinking and keep riding the wave.  Also, if you’re a friend of ours on Facebook, on friday its go green for Elizabeth day.  Like pink for breast cancer, green is the color for liver cancer.  Please, please, make me cry and light our pages up with wearing green.  The support from you guys is phenomenal. The visits from the Weavers, Julie Delegal, and Wayne and Kenny really helped our frame of mind, so a special thanks from them. As well as the texts and messages after the meltdown yesterday from me. It means more than you’ll ever know. If I didn’t respond, I saw it and thank you.

I’m cutting this one short as I need to start cleaning this house. After Haley cleaned it thursday its sorta gone to hell. There’s a mountain of laundry that needs to be folded as people love to do laundry. Well, they love to put in in the washer and move it to the dryer and throw it in a basket. They actually hate the key process of folding said laundry. So that and cleaning the sheets as I’m a guy and could sleep on a tarp that’s been laying in the yard under leaves for a month, but the wife likes clean sheets. And the bathroom, because see above, I’m a guy, I’ll say no more. But to steal a sports cliche, its one game at a time people. We’re going to celebrate this one tonight and tomorrow then move onto the next. Keep riding the wave.  Love you guys and blog at you later.

14 thoughts on “One game at a Time

  1. If you need help cleaning let me know and I’ll be there after school tomorrow. Hopefully, Elizabeth will already be home then🌈. Or if you need dinner delivered or shopping done.


  2. Bob, that is incredible news and am really glad she is finally going home. Green is a color in my wheelhouse, so consider it done. A day hasn’t gone by that I haven’t been thinking of you and your family, even if it’s been in the shadows.


  3. Throw an extra dryer sheet (bounce, snuggle, Gain ( my favorite)… whatever you have) in with the sheets! Clean sheet night will be better than chocolate, well maybe…or is Chicolate better??.,,,oh..,sorry, squirrel moment. I’m back…,Yes, Elizabeth will love clean sheets after yucky hospital sheets.

    Congrats on the Win today! Fantastic news. (Insert my signature cheerleading clap clap). Love and prayers from me and love, prayers and snorts from Fiona! 😘


    • We are on a roll, thank you to the doctors and nurses for getting Elizabeth over this hurdle. Thanksgiving for God and prayers, to be with you and Elizabeth today. You are truly Blessed, as I am too♡


  4. This is great news! Glad the pain is leaving and they figured out what was wrong….. Hey there’s nothing like clean sheets to lay your head down on….heck throw in a foot rub too!


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