It takes a Village…

Let me jump right in……

OK, first things first, the update on Elizabeth. Well, defeat was snatched from the jaws of victory as she is still residing tonight in the temple of doom instead of the comfy confines of the voodoo lounge. Her bilirubin levels were still not dropping with the stints. Her pain and itching were a whole lot less today so the doctors opted to wait until the blood tests tomorrow to see if they drop before putting a drain tube in. So, yeah, it was a rollercoaster day. Emotionally it was a rough one as we thought at least we were going home.  So pray for a miracle tomorrow. Eventually we gotta catch a break right?

I’d like to, if I haven’t before to thank both of our places of employment.  Both of which these days are like extended family to us.  We are beyond lucky to be surrounded by greatness, and I dont use that word lightly.  At my job, from Keith Lane in upper management to my immediate team of Titus, Stack, Becky, and several others, its been a huge weight off my back that I’ve been able to concentrate on this without any worry. I’m not sure when I will get back running at full speed but I can’t thank you enough for everything.  At Elizabeth’s work, her director Robin has been a godsend in so many ways I could never even put into words. I don’t know names of people at her work nor her parents of her students (and some that aren’t) but their support and that of the church is more than we could’ve hoped for. We love you all and one of these days hope to pay it back.  I’ve heard the phrase concerning racing a child “it takes a village”.  Well, we’re thankful for the village we got hooked into .

So I know this is a more somber post than usual but there’s only so many times you can get kicked in the manregion before you take a knee and I’m about at that limit today. But before I go I’d like to tell a story that I thought of today. I think of it a lot but even more so the last few days. I attended a class about three years ago and our sales manager Bill Thayer was putting it on. Now Bill is one of the most positive forces of nature that I know and one of a handful of people that I’ve met professionally that I look up to. So anyway we get into this class and I’m bleary eyed and probably stinking of rum from the previous night. So he comes in and apparently someone lit a fire under him. He starts off with a rant about being a man and standing up to your store manager or construction manager and growing a pair before you call him to get involved in some petty problem that should never involve him. This goes on for maybe five minutes. It didn’t pertain to me as like I said, we’re like family at my store. A big dysfunctional family but family nonetheless. But then the rant took a sharp turn.  He started talking about his daughter with cystic fibrosis. How terrible a disease it was and all that went with it.  But that he never asked “why me?”  He did at the beginning but after a while you just accept it and deal the best you can with it. Feeling sorry for yourself isn’t an option.  That the cards you’re dealt are the cards you’re dealt. So you could curl up into a ball and cry or you could stand up and move forward. That you wake up and think of a few things that you’re grateful for and go from there.  Truth be told I got more out of that fifteen minutes of the class than the whole three days. I’ve thought more about that and there’s been times since then that I could remember him pacing in front of the class like a coach or preacher delivering a sermon. It hit me that profoundly. I really thought about it today and the last few days. It’s a bad situation, yeah. But what do you do? What can you do?  Well, you stand up and fight because what other option is there. None as far as I can see. I’m sure there’s going to be more rough days. But I just hope I can be there for Elizabeth and the girls like they need. Because again, what other option is there.

I say all this and I know I will get, if you need us we will be there. And I know. One of these days I will candid camera you like Allen Funt, when you least expect it I will be calling you. Or I’ll show up at your doorstep and hope you have rum and eat all your food. Either way, wear your green tomorrow for Go green for Elizabeth day. Facebook us your pictures. Hope to bring the funny tomorrow.  Love you savages and blog at you later.

2 thoughts on “It takes a Village…

  1. Bob,

    Thanks for reminding me of my preaching! You were probably the only one listening! But I must say there was never a doubt how you would react to this fight that you all are in!
    You are great father and husband! Stay strong!
    We will be wearing our green today and sending our thoughts and prayers your way!

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