Home Sweet Home

Let me jump right in..

Spoiler alert. If you want to be surprised, skip right past the next line and catch up later………


Ok, you can pull the cotton out of your ears and remove the eye mask as we start at the beginning of the day.  If you recall from the last time we left our heroine, Elizabeth was about to get a drain tube installed in her liver. Well, I get a text at 6:30 am saying they are about to wheel her back and a few other things (I love you, bring me a pillow case, the usual).  After verbally beating on Ham and Cheese (our daughters if you’re new here) as they are teenagers and cannot possibly get out of the door on time but seem to get everywhere on time (yeah, I know but, yeah), I head off to the temple of doom (or the Mayo Clinic).

As I pull into Starbucks to grab some coffee I get a call from Elizabeth. Are they done? Is she in as much pain as the other night? Why am I not there? Will I have time to get my coffee? This all went through my head in about two seconds. I answered the phone…..

“They didn’t put in the tubes. At the last minute they said my levels went down and cancelled the procedure”. Hell yeah. This was a good thing. No wait, in my head this was a great thing. I got to the hospital (in case you’re wondering, yeah, I got my coffee) and we talked a little about it. I had a feeling the nurse knew something when Elizabeth wanted her IV moved and she said (in a Russian accent) “lets wait on that”. A few minutes later the doctor came in…

“So, your levels are trending down so we can send you home today”. HELL YEAH!!!!! I think I actually clapped like the Gators scored a touchdown. Yes sir, we were going home. I think besides actually hearing my bride say, “I do” I’ve never been so happy or ready to hear anything in my entire life.

Discharge took a little while so we got a chance to look at Facebook.  To say we were blown away by going green for Elizabeth day is an understatement.  We’ve never felt so much love coming at us from everywhere. From people and places we never would’ve thought (first picture, a Sunbelt store from Ft Lauderdale with the whole team in green shirts, getting weepy when you wake up stinks). And the heart that came behind some of these.  My friend Karen might have been the best as she’s a high school teacher and had all six of her classes hold up signs and wear green shirts was really just too much (we loved it).  Another friend started a go fund me page for us.  If you’re friends of mine on Facebook and you’re interested, its somewhere on my page.  If she messages you, its not a scam, she’s not a real Nigerian prince and you don’t have to give anything to receive $50000. Another old friend of mine I love like family left a cooler full of beef (that my family calls Ned, because meat this good should be given remembrance before consumption. We look up, tap our forks to our chests and go, thanks Ned the Cow…..  No, we really don’t do that but I just like to paint a picture of how great this beef is). Elizabeth’s school and parents took some incredible group pictures of their school circus today all wearing green and dedicating it to Elizabeth. Instead of political nonsense and bickering, we all came together. That may sound narcissistic but it was really, really cool to see. We were talking about how you see stories like this and do things for people, but to be in the eye of the storm and it about you or us is surreal. But my thumb is tired (and a little sore) from scrolling and responding to messages, but we will take all of it with zero complaints.

That said, yeah, its a win for today. Elizabeth is a little banged up but will be ready for next week (Vegas has her at probable). We have the next MRI and CT scan then the come to Jesus meeting on thursday  where we figure out the next steps.  But we’ll take this win today and move on to the next one.  Keep riding the wave guys.  We’re honestly just getting started (marathon, not a sprint) I’m taking a break this weekend but will be back monday with my in depth analysis of the Daytona 500 (they turned left, like, a lot), my critiques of the Oscars (haven’t seen any of the movies) and a review of what I ate this weekend. Until then I’m going to spend some time with my family, sit in the hammock with a giant tumbler of rum, and see if I can wrap my head around the last week and a half and sneak in a nap here or there. Until you hear from me next time, love you savages and blog at you later. Big kiss, MUUUUUAHHHHH!!!!

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