So it all comes down to this

Yeah………..I’ll jump in here

So this is a tough one for me. It’s been a tough 24 hours. As of the last post we took our heroine in to the temple of doom where they would stick a tube in her side to drain her nonsense building up in her. I hate to see her in pain. I really, honestly do. She was in pain last night, they jacked her up. She was fine this morning then she said it hurt like the last time with the stents. They jacked her up again.  It’s 8pm. She’s still hurting. There’s not a thing I can do. I’m just hoping/praying that it is fine tomorrow. That its just the fact they jammed a tube in her side and connected it to her innards does not sound like a bowl full of cherries. I’m at a loss.  She actually said tonight she hated me seeing her like this.  Yeah,  I do, but probably not the same reasons. But we’re a team, a black and white cookie, a hot dog with the bun, four legs of the table.  And pardon my French because I said I wouldn’t curse on here, but once that fourth leg gets back to full strength, that’s gonna be a motherfucking strong table.

We have also decided to name this beast Larry.  Go listen to “float on” by the floaters and you will get it.  Because “Larry” sounds like some guy you’d beat down outside of the regal beagle rather than “Klatskin” with sounds like a Russian spy with a retractable knife in his shoe. Larry, we can beat the crap out of Larry. Leisure suit wearing Larry.


Then there’s tomorrow. The “come to Jesus” meeting. It all comes down to this. As many times as I’ve said, stay positive, that’s all you can do, this sits on my back like a 800 lb gorilla in a chicken fight. I’m hoping the initial prognosis is the same. The six rounds with chemo then cut it out. I’ll take that deal and run. My brain keeps wanting to go to a dark place but the spirit says things will work out like always. Again, keep the wave going, eventually we’ll catch one to ride. I appreciate the messages and calls we’ve gotten, some from people we never saw coming. They mean more than you know. Anyway, cutting this short. Hopefully this will be a little more positive blog tomorrow as we know what’s happening going forward, I dont want to think bout the alternative. Love you guys and blog at you later.

12 thoughts on “So it all comes down to this

  1. Love you all sooo much. Larry is definitely gonna be Loser Larry when you get through with it. If the girls need anything especially school related PLEASE let me know. Of course, y’all also, I just figure that is a practical something I would be good at.


  2. Oh wow, I’m so sorry your nice weekend at the house turned into unplanned trip back to Mayo and another procedure for Elizabeth. Bob I’m glad you are there for her and the girls. I hope tomorrow’s meeting with her dr’s goes well, continued prayers for Elizabeth’s healing.


  3. Larry needs a good butt kickin’!! Really, tho, I hope tomorrow is a better day, & that the doctors are able to stick to the plan. Hugs for all!!!

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  4. You don’t know me, but I’m a friend of Mimi’s, and I am praying for you all every day, and I know that you will kick Larry’s sorry behind! My family will continue to lift you all up every day, and pray for the orce of the Lord to surround you and for His strength to be with you.


  5. My love to you all and sending good vibes your way! I will be posting pics tomorrow of the staff at my school wearing green for Elizabeth! We are cheering her on from the mountains of TN…. sending love, support and many prayers!

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  6. My prayers are with you all. I’m a friend of Mimi and am very sad that you all are having to go through this tough time for all. God’s Peace and Blessings be with you. Becky Luke


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