Enter the Dragon

Let me jump right in…….

So things had been going well since our last episode. We sat around all of saturday and just did a big ol pile of nothing. Well at least our heroine did. A well deserved day of just napping and watching tv while I caught up on stuff that needed to be done. Cleaning up the garage, mowing the yard, getting the truck washed.  Typical saturday stuff while listening to podcasts. It was bliss. So Elizabeth took a nap and was asleep when I went to go get a pizza. I saw a couple of old neighbors, Steve and Ben and had a quick beer with them and their friends. I get the pizza and text Hannah to say they messed up the order but I’m leaving in five minutes.

Yeah, mommy is hurting and she’s squealing.

Well, this isn’t good. At all. I get home and she’s in extreme pain. I took two beats and said, we’re going to the ER. So we get there and they wheel her back. I’m not sure how Elizabeth took in everything but I was a mess. What could be causing this? Well upon review, we missed the 6:00 pain pill. We had wondered, what would happen if we skipped one,

Well now we know, thats not a good idea, no bueno, at all. Matter of fact it might be a step above biting into a ghost pepper on the bad idea spectrum. Probably below eating green turkey but its bad nonetheless. So we’re in the ER. Where they immediately jacked Elizabeth up with Dilaudin and instantly felt better. They took her back for ultrasounds and x-rays to see if anything was wrong with Dwayne the drain. The nurses in the ER apparently dont want anyone to sleep if they aren’t as they just would come in, then leave the door wide open. At one point one of the nurses or doctors walked by, opened the door, talked outside, and just left. Never coming in the room. What brand of lunatic does that? We’re they just screwing with me because I was in no mood for that nonsense.

Enter the doctor. Doctor Marc Dragon, MD (not just his initials but that means he’s a real doctor). Enter the Dragon. He’s a striking young man, tall, black flowing hair pulled back in a sensitive man ponytail.  Right out of central casting from Chicago ER. He saunters in and says (fortunately) nothing is wrong. The tube is draining and her bilirubin levels are down to 6 (we started at 11 so, yay). But besides the fact we missed a pain pill, what’s the cause of the pain?

“You have a big tumor in your liver, its not supposed to be there. It’s going to hurt” It sounds like a no kidding doc kind of moment but nobody had actually said it before. It made sense. The Dragon was a straight shooter, spitting fire. So after a bit, we were able to go home. We did between diddly and squat today. Thanks today for all the well wishers and calls we had. Hopefully we can have a good week, get the port in on wednesday and move forward with the chemo. We have an appointment with the pain management people to see what options we have moving forward. Anyway, again, thanks for the support, keep riding the wave. Love you guys and blog at you later.

One thought on “Enter the Dragon

  1. I’m so glad that it was only a missed pain pill!! I’m also glad that she is going to see pain management. Pain, as you know, is exhausting and causes increased depression. Neither of which she needs to get through Larry’s demise. As an RN, retired, I have always believed that pain management is uber important in the wellbeing of people going through ordeals such as Elizabeth is. I’m thinking about her everyday, and sending positive thoughts her way (sorry, I am not one who prays). Thank you for keeping us updated. It means so much! Please send Elizabeth my love! She is truly one of the sweetest souls I have ever had the priveledge to know, if only through a few days at work at Pine Forest.


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