Typical Fan Behavior

Let me jump right in …..

I’m a huge sports fan. Been one all my life. And I’ve watched a lot of games at sports bars around a bunch of less than sober people (and lets be clear, I was right there with them) or listened to a lot of sports talk radio where people (both the show host and callers turn into complete gasbags). And there’s always the guy that knows exactly what to do. That “well, come on. It’s so simple. X, Y, and Z. That’s what has to happen, make it so”. And you leave or exit the conversation thinking, look, if you’re so damn smart, you should give up your job as a security guard or bank teller or whatever, send that team a resume, hell, don’t even send one, just call them and I’m positive that they will be so dazzled by your brilliance, they will leave a blank check on the table in the corner office and just show up on monday. Because the guys in charge of the team, whom this is their livelihood, the way they put food on the table for their family, the fact they spend ridiculous hours just to get in their positions as well as still put in insane hours just trying to make this whole thing work, are obviously idiots compared to this guy.  They have no idea, you on the other hand would excel because you were salesman of the month at your job.

I say all this because I read my last blog post and I was that guy. I thought about it a couple of days later when we went back to the hospital as spoke to a guy that was getting his stomach removed because of cancer. His case and his wife/sister/whomever she was, the care they are getting is just as important to them as Elizabeth is to me. And they probably at times think that they are the only patients these health providers have, that the doctor should think about them at least 12 of the 16 hours a day they are at times when they are there. They aren’t and neither are we. These providers are doing the best job they can do. I’m sure if I were a doctor and read that last post I’d want to tell me to pound sand, or worse. I have no idea what these people do day in and day out. I was mad, and very angry but still, I went full Death Star when I should’ve handled it a little better. I make mistakes, you make mistakes, these people, while we feel they should be perfect will also make an error or two. Keep this medical team in your thoughts and on the wave. Because if this is to be pulled off, we need them on our side. We’re in the best hands and sometimes it takes a lot to keep that in my feeble mind. I’m got something of a quick temper when it comes to my family.  I attribute that to my mother.  I also blame her for my lack of height and folically challenged dome (bald head) but the quick temper is a double edged sword.  And something I wouldn’t exchange for anything, I just need to manage it better, especially now, so thanks mom.  I also spoke with nurse Judy and apologized for anything that was said as I had lost my mind and was running like a lunatic. They probably deal with it regularly but that’s no excuse  I needed to do it, I’m glad she accepted it and said it was no problem.

So anyway, we went on friday to the pain specialist to get everything dialed in. He bumped up one of the meds but they had to order it and we pick it up on monday. So yeah, our heroine has been hurting this weekend. We then went to an appointment with the social worker Michelle, who could not have been more wonderful and I wish we had this meeting last week as she could’ve talked me off the ledge during our episode. There was a ton of helpful advice and I’m sure we’ll be talking a lot more in the future, hey, she offered. She also might not get the second drain installed. Her bilirubin has dropped and they will test it next thursday to make the decision then. If not they will start mapping for the y90 radiation. So after 6 hours at the hospital we went home. 6 hours at the temple of doom is no way to spend a day kids, I’d highly recommend against it. But we go back monday for the second of six chemo pops. Hopefully this goes much better than the last. Hopefully she will begin to feel a little better. There’s a lot of hopefully in this paragraph because right now that’s all we got is hope.

So I’ll update mid next week on thursday to let everyone know which way that went and see how this mess gets solved. Again, this was a little heavy and dark and hopefully the next will be a little lighter and sunny. Once again, thanks for all the support and keep riding the wave. Love you all and blog at you later #uphillbattle

5 thoughts on “Typical Fan Behavior

  1. Those doctors are on your side but, human too! They are the ones leading this team and with God’s help, they will see you through this journey. My roll as Elizabeth’s mother, is to pray you through this pain, patience, upheaval, ranting, thankfulness, laughter and joy. If her dad were here, he would be right by your side…no one messed with his children!!
    You have so many friends by your side, cheering and praying you on. Don’t forget to reach out to them! 🎶🎸😄

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  2. Do not beat yourself up for being a husband ready to do battle for his wife. That will always be admirable. Anger is still better and stronger than whimpering in this case. Maybe you just needed to vent and get it out. We are all on the side of you and your family.

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