Well, we’ll take that

Let me jump in somewhere over here.

This will be a quick one as I am watching a train wreck of an award show with a bunch of hillbillies obviously drunk in vegas. I cant miss a second because they keep saying something I’ve never seen before is about to happen so lets go…

We went to the temple of doom last Wednesday. Not sure which procedure was going to happen. Either the second drain (which from our sources was more than likely to happen) or the mapping for the radiation. Well we went in and the doctor said, no drain. The bilirubin is trending down and better not to disturb it and “fix what’s working”. We’ll take that and run. Because Elizabeth wanted no part of a second one. So they went to mapping. Should take two hours. I left at 1:30. Two hours for procedure. Then sit for two. I came back at 5:00. When I drove up I thought, huh, nobody has called me. Well walking up I get a call. They’re still mapping. Apparently it was a little more troublesome than anticipated. The chemo has already started affecting the veins and arteries they need to go through. So they need to re-evaluate. It’s nothing bad, just a different track and figure out the schedule. I’m glad we had the doctor we did because he threw a positive spin on it. Nothing bad, just figure out how to do it. I can respect this as every other job I have needs some tweaking. But for now we’re up in the air.

SO, we have visitors this weekend. Her sister Judy is here for the week and her friend Debby will be here later in the week. I will (hopefully) be able to have a good full week of work. We spoke with Elizabeth’s niece who will be taking in Ham and Cheese for a week in Washington DC. Not sure she gets what brand of nonsense is about to be thrown at her but she has our thanks. Hannah and also had a great talk with one of the heads of the theater dept at FSC who offered a lot of things to help out with college costs. She also basically threw a part in West Side Story during the summer at Haley if she wanted it and it sounds like she’ll do it. We also have a week off from the Temple of Doom so that’s a plus

There’s a lot of nausea and nonsense I’ll leave out here because honestly, I’m just exhausted. But we’re doing OK. Just keep us in your thoughts. I’ll bring a little more this time but I’m about to throw on a sleeping pill on TV (baseball) and pass out. G’night Toledo. Love you guys and blog at you later.

5 thoughts on “Well, we’ll take that

    • Thanks Maggie. Enjoying Judy being here even though it’s just sitting at the house it’s nice to have her here. Judy told me what your husband had told you and it just cracked me up. Tell him I’ll take the prayers anyway I can get them


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