Three Grand? Seriously?

Let me jump right in. Where’s the kiddie pool?

So its been a while. First off, thanks for sticking around and waiting for a new one. We had a break from the temple of doom. Thankfully it was filled with good friends and family. Our heroines sister Judy came for the first three days of the week ((ironically, much to the chagrin of my liver) and her bff Debby came for thursday and friday.  I cant speak for her but it helped me out a ton as I was able to work and I’d like to think it lifted her spirits. We had another friend come in and clean the house the likes that even I wouldn’t/couldn’t do. Thanks Vanessa, that was great. We’re still amazed at the goodwill that comes from out of nowhere. If you’re following this, we’re blown away from the generosity and eventually hope to return the favor or at least give you a hug and a kiss. Well, from Elizabeth as me coming at you with arms outstretched is a terrifying sight. Like a black bear in Alaska wanting that cheeseburger in your hand. No damn good.

So we’ll jump ahead to today, sparing you the details of the weekend, wherein there was little sleep, a little (relatively speaking) sickness, and a terrible incident where i tried to paint princess Cheese’s room white (its what she wanted) and now have to call in a professional to finish it up because halfway through, I just had enough. Terrible lapse in judgement there

Oh yeah, today. The start of round two. Her bilirubin has dropped from 2.4 to 1.4. So a good to great sign. Dwayne the drain may be altered sooner than later which will help 1000%. We had a little help with the meds and hopefully they will take. She was a little “shaky” but think eliminating one of them could stop that nonsense. It’s a nausea one so that give me cause for concern. We (her sister being the we, I just take credit for everything here) looked up medications to help with her eating. Because, well, if I were nauseous I wouldn’t want anything north of a bagel anyway. Anytime she’s tried to go outside that, the results are what you’d expect. So we (she) found Remoral. I called the nurse honestly begging her to get her hooked up. She also mentioned Marinol which is a synthetic THC, you know, the stuff that gets you high with marijuana. OK. That could work. Munchies, I’ve only heard you get the munchies with weed (only heard, I have no actual laboratory evidence. Except that empty bag of trail mix in Amsterdam. And the two large pizzas in 1991 that wer sacrificed. But there’s no receipts, no evidence.) So I asked our nurse practitioner about it.

Well, that may not be covered under insurance. It could be $3000 per script.

$3000????!!!! Seriously? Three grand. I could get real THC that would bury everyone in the room here under a mountain of cheetos for $100. For three grand I could have a truck back up to my driveway, rent a forklift and pallet jack it into my garage, and make Cheech and Chongs “Up in Smoke” look like a cheesy after school picture with one call. This made me really thing about how big a scam the pharmaceutical industry is. Well, Ive thought it a lot (why is heroin so big? It’s cheaper than Oxys and other pills on the street) but this really brought it to light. Three Grand. Great googley moogley. So we went with the Remeron. Hope it works or I’ll be calling someone reading this. That’s right, I’m talking to you. Screaming in your ear you paranoid so and such. Boo.

So back to today, I kept her up and moving all day. The first time in god knows when she has all day. Friday is her birthday and we’ll celebrate it to the best of our ability.  So if you’re on facebook, please hit her up. If not, wish her one on here. If not that, a gift basket from Total wine is appreciated (scotch, single malt, or Rum). If you dont feel this is appropriate, a nice package from Hickory Farms with the summer sausage and smoked cheeses is always a crowd pleaser. Or just keep us in your thoughts, prayers, and whatever mojo you got. Love you guys and blog at you later.

3 thoughts on “Three Grand? Seriously?

  1. Bob, my pain doctor is prescribing medical marijuana, as long as you see one of their doctors 2 months in a row. If you want details, please call me. It’s about a tenth of your quoted cost.

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  2. I don’t know how I missed this update to your blog Bob; however you are all are still in my prayers. After reading this the thought, if it’s not one thing it’s another, came to mind, it might make a good subtitle for your blog. Glad you are there for her, her Bilirubin levels are better and you two had the day together without her being in bed.


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