Even A Little Busy

Let me jump in here.
So how has everyone been. Hopefully it was a good Memorial Day weekend for everyone. I’ll start off with the reason we all are here. Our heroine has been doing pretty well. We had another round of chemo on thursday which by all accounts went pretty well. We had a meeting with Dr. Mody in which we are still awaiting some results from testing. But all in all she is staying on the same line we have been at. Which was fine considering the busyness that we were embarking on during this week. 
So lets review, Tuesday, a parent meeting for Haley and her production of West Side Story wherein I found out this play is going to be three hours. Yes sir, a nice three hour epic. It brings me back to the days of the dance rehearsals for another dance studio that wont be mentioned and a nice five hour marathon in a school auditorium. However, this will be great. Cats was awesome last year and Peter Pan years ago was super. Honestly, I joke but I can’t wait to see it and if you like the play/movie, you should go and catch it. Wednesday we had doctors appointments and cat scans. After that we had Hannah’s senior dinner which thankfully our heroine caught a nice wave and was able to attend. It was really cool seeing her interact with her friends. Thursday was chemo day. Friday brought Hannah’s graduation. It was as great as you cold expect. We were as proud of her as could be. Our niece Addie (you may remember her, best niece ever whose name starts with A) made us giant head cutouts of Hannah that we taped to sticks. Yep, heads on sticks. Which came in handy as Hannah couldn’t find us in the crowd until, oh wait, there’s a half dozen giant heads of me in the crowd. Those must be my people. After the graduation they came in handy as everyone gets separated walking out of the joint and what’s the best way to find people in a noisey mass of people? Cell phones? Nah nah nah. Look for giant heads hovering over the crowd. Much better way to go. So after we gathered everyone up like a herd of cats, we went with our friends the Delegals to get a bite to eat. We got home around 10 and crashed around 11, which I had a feeling, was not going to bode well for the next day as we had a graduation party to get to. I woke up shot out of a cannon. Which crashed terribly after a salted caramel donut from Krispy Kreme and enough coffee to float the titanic. I saw an open hammock and after climbing in, lasted all of 34 seconds til I took a long, hard look at the inside of my eyelids. I awoke to my bride coming out and saying she was bailing on the party. So Hannah and I went. I believe I still have the meat sweats from the ribs and chicken I stuffed in my gut. I even got a take home present of two giant bags of meat. So I call it a win on every level. Sunday brought a day where I needed to get Elizabeth and Haley out of the house. For some reason (I blame sober thinking) I say hey, lets go to the Town Center and Haley, you’re driving. Getting to the town center isn’t bad, driving around the town center is an advanced course/demolition derby of chaos. I was so rattled I went into Hollister and spent money like a drunken sailor as my nerves were fried. We got back, a little more hammock time, then a race to publix to pick up meds, again with Cheese at the wheel. This time I had the assistance of rum to ease the nerves. Monday brought some family time. We sat around and watched crappy tv shows and goofed on each other, which was nice. So there has been no rest for the wicked here. And none to speak of in the near future.
Now let me talk about something that is going to be a complaint against the Mayo Clinic. While the doctors and caregivers have been top notch there is a huge problem for their male customers that walk through their hallowed halls. These “no water” urinals are a scourge on the hospital and society as a whole. Why you ask? I wear flip flops almost exclusively. Or I wear shoes without socks. If there is no water to get your flow going in the right direction, which is down the drain, then its going to splash, on your ankles, or on your feet. To avoid this you need to get in a shortstop stance with your feet spread out like you are ready to dive for a ball at any minute. This is unacceptable, almost as unacceptable as that nonsense they want to pass off as cheese grits in the cafeteria. I’ve seen my bill, the least you could do is put some damn water in the urinal. And dont give me the “its good for the environment” rhetoric. Do you know how much water I’m going to use scrubbing the top of my feet the first chance I get, which might be, could be, I dont know, in the sink walking out of the restroom. Six of one, half dozen the other I say. Flushing is American and if loving a swooping rush of water down the drain is wrong then I dont wanna be right. Oh, and what’s the deal with people just laying about on benches in the waiting room like a bunch of hobos at a bus station. Go get a blanket and lay outside but don’t bother me with your snoring while I’m trying to read about Prince Harry’s new girlfriend in an old People magazine. And other guy who wore flip flops to the hospital, keep the damn things on your feet! You’re not at home. Dont put your bare feet on the table in front of you. Nobody, and I mean nobody wants to see that. And as men we all know what’s on the top of those hooves. That’s right, put your pee splattered feet back in the flip flops and set them on the ground and try to act civilized. That’s it, I’m all riled up now. I’m going to bed. Love you guys and I’ll blog at you later. (Takes mic and throws it against wall).

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