Life ain’t a carousel, its a roller coaster

It’s been a while, where’s the deep end, let me jump right in. 

So how have we been. First things first, an update on our heroine. She hasn’t had chemo since Hannah’s graduation due to the fact it has to be out before the radiation. We are scheduled for that on July 3rd. So if you had plans on us being at a fireworks extravaganza on the fourth, count us out. From what they say, it hits you pretty hard. Mainly fatigue, so naps will be had. I need to find this pad on top of the mattress we had at myrtle beach. More on that later. But for now she’s feeling as good as she can. Some pretty good days.  We switched up the meds to the Marinol (synthetic thc). Now, its been well known I’ve dabbled once or twice with the devils weed, she hasn’t. Ever. Never, ever, not once, not never. So I was putting it in the pill box at 10 am and 10 pm. So at 2am she would wake up, starving,  She would eat a bowl of lucky charms or if there was a bag of chips or box of crackers out, they’d be empty sitting lying on the counter. Well, after a lengthy deliberation with an old friend of mine (whom we went to Amsterdam, you know, to look at windmills), we came up with a sound medical diagnosis. 

You got the stoner munchies. Ain’t no cure but lucky charms, cheetos, bowl of Ice cream. I just hope I dont wake up at 3 in the morning with her zonked back out trying to explain to the pizza delivery guy, dude, nobody ordered a extra large pepperoni.  I know its got my name and credit card number on the ticket, and I understand you have the telephone number of the person that ordered it. And I’ll take it because I’m now up and need a healthy breakfast but damn. 

So that. And the fact that we decided to renew our wedding vows. We’re driving back from our good friends beach shack after a day and got stuck on 95. It got a little deep for a little while, then we paused….

You want to renew our vows? 

Hell yeah. Let’s go. So we put it out on Facebook as we were again, stuck behind a tractor/trailer full of what I could only imagine was either produce, George Foreman grills, or weed. Before we got home there were 297 responses saying “we’re coming”. Holy crap. We just expected a few family and friends, four sea turtles, and a couple of hobos sleeping in the dunes. As its gone on, the response hasn’t let up. This might be the most epic gathering in the history of gatherings. There’s people coming in from the Carolinas, Texas, Georgia, and parts unknown. We will be taking over a block at Atlantic Beach. We are staying at One Ocean. If you want to stay there, send me your email address and I’ll give you the guys number to call. They’re waiving the two night minimum for a one night stay. But you have to call and get the deal. We will have nothing to offer but a good time. No bar, no trays of chicken fingers, not even a chair to sit in. It’ll be like Woodstock but without the hippies. So come on. 

We also went to Myrtle Beach. A big thanks to my friend Bill for the use of his condo. It was like old times. We got there, I drank too much (not really) and my wife drove me home (in a golf cart, on the back roads). Went to an aquarium, ate more than I should’ve.  It was good just to get out of town and breathe a little bit. Honestly try to forget about it for a bit. 

Ok, forget about it, that’s a lie. And I’ll do a blog next week. It’s gonna be long. It’s gonna be a little tougher, to read and to write. You’ll get it when you read it. Love you guys and blog at you later. 


2 thoughts on “Life ain’t a carousel, its a roller coaster

  1. I’m glad ya’ll had a chance to get away and enjoy Myrtle Beach and congrats on your upcoming 20th anniversary. Continued prayers for you and Elizabeth, looking forward to your next blog.


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