Getting close

Move the inner tubes and pool toys out of the way, I'm jumping in.

Hello friends. How have you been. We've been ok. So an update on our heroine, the swallowing and pain has subsided quite a bit, which is nice. Just a little tiredness mainly in the morning but smooth the rest of the time. The radiation was moved up to sandwich between vowapalooza (more on that later) and our second "honeymoon" weekend in Orlando but she swears she'll muscle through it. And if theres one thing I've realized after almost twenty years is when she gets the blinders on and gets focused, that's it. But health wise, the last week and a half have been thankfully, uneventful.

As far as mentally, its been OK. Today was the first day of school which was a little rough as that's her job and so theres been a bit of heartbreak there. As far as me there's been a lot of things that has been said that will stick with me for a while. Everyone who's had a talk with me recently I honestly cant thank enough.

But the girls, everyone asks about Ham and Cheese. Well, we unleashed them at the end of the summer on Orlando and universal studios. I say unleashed because Hannah drove with Haley as her co-pilot and hopefully everyone from Davincis "The Last Supper" as I was up all night praying to every last one of them. I went to sleep around 11 and woke up at 1:46am shot out of a cannon. My stomach was making noises that resembled the movie Alien when the creature ripped out of that guys stomach. I came out to watch TV. I dont like to watch late night tv as if perchance I find something interesting, I'm screwed. However, I lucked out as the drone racing league was on. If you've never watched it, think "the Big Bang theory" but with actual people who look super uncomfortable talking to the hot blond they had interviewing them after each "race". I catnapped through what was apparently a drone racing marathon. So they woke up at the crack of dawn and set out. I remembered halfway through I had track my iPhone hooked up so that eased my stomach a little bit. I talked to my best friend growing up and told him we turned them loose. "You've obviously lost your mind".

He had obviously forgot the nonsense we used to do when we were 18 (maybe younger). I said that to myself trying to make myself feel better but it only made it worse as I started to remember, everything I did at 18 years of age. I pulled over and threw up on the way home.

They hit the door at around 9PM. If you've never been through this experience before I'll sum up the feeling of seeing them again like this. Have you ever (comment censored, I think kids read this and if you are one of them, its like the first bite of pizza or really good ice cream. That's all. It's not like ((double comment censored)). I have no idea what that's like but I hear its spectacular.

So we're creeping up on the vow renewal. I do, part deux. Again, if your coming, we're going to have a blast. If you're not staying theres a bunch of pay lots close to the place (think theres one on lemon street). We're kicking off the ceremony at 6pm or as close as we can get to it. Look for a giant bamboo cross. There will be no flaming skulls or giant gator heads much to my disappointment. If you're coming in on friday, hit me up. We're staying there two nights. We'll hang out, you can get the lay of the land, I may even indulge in a cocktail or two. But only two (dozen) because the next day is game day. We're still floored by the people who are showing up for this nonsense, some traveling great distances. We're honored and blessed to have all of you as friends and family. Anyway, I'll be blogging the morning of game day. A little pep talk to get you excited. Anyway, love you guys and blog at you later.

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