Just a little perspective

I’ll jump right in here

So its been quite the week. We went in thursday and spoke with the doc. He sounded on board with the pump as well. He made a few calls while we were there to push things up. He could feel our frustration in the fact that this cant keep going the way it is. The scans/MRI looked good. There’s zero reason why she should be feeling this crappy. So we’ll install the pump and pray for better days. We go in for the next MRI/Test on tuesday and roll on from there. Hopefully they can everything installed by Christmas so we can all have a good one. Really hoping for this. We ain’t at the end of the road yet. And praying that this relief can keep alive the hope for a miracle, which we still need.

Speaking of Christmas, as some of you know I play the role of Santa at Elizabeths preschool. It’s really one of the coolest things I’ve ever been involved in. To have all these kids from two to four years old look at you as Santa and the magic in their eyes really gets me in the Christmas spirit. So I really needed it this year and there was no way I was missing it. I drug Hannah up this time to take pics and get some community service hours. So I suited up in the finest heavy costume of poly and ester (yeah, it doesn’t breathe and its hot. Bad hot. Last year I started to feel a little queasy and light headed halfway through. This year I wore a safety vest underneath and stuck cooler bags all in it. Also they cranked the AC down to temperatures you could hang beef in the room so that was super nice.) and made magic happen.

I told Hannah theres some things you can count on. One, theres one in every classroom that will scream and cry and want no part of any of it. Those are fun to try to “break the face” and get them to like you. Of course there are some that still will have nothing to do with you, and the parents want a picture so they come up with the kid. I would love to see these pics as I hammed some of them up. Nothing bad, just a thumbs up and leaning in for a Santa bomb. Two, there are some really great lists. One kid buried the lead as he wanted, in order, a belt, socks, some shoes, pants, and oh yeah, the last item, an xbox. Another wanted waffles, hot dogs (with chili, cause Santa likes chili) Cheetos (he likes the crunchy ones, not the poofs) and a Bologna sandwich. One kid didn’t bring up a list but wanted everything that Santa suggested. Motorcycle, yep. Train, yep. Gas grill, yep. Mitre saw, yep. But this one kid really did a number on me (and Hannah, who lacks whatever is in your brain that makes you cry). He brought his list up and we went over it. Standard stuff and really nice kid. Then he looks right at me and asks “What does Santa want for Christmas”

“What does Santa want for Christmas.”

It took me a couple of beats to get my bearings then another couple to think of an acceptable answer. “Santa wants all the boys and girls to have a Merry Christmas”. He then jumped and ran off. I looked at Hannah and she just said, phew. He about got us didn’t he. Yeah, that was tough. Because theres things that Santa just can’t deliver. Well besides that dragon that breathes real fire. I cant tell you how many times I’ve thought about that moment since then. Thats why I do it every year. As much as the kids and parents enjoy it, I get far more out of it than anyone. It’s a magic. It’s a selflessness. It’s a morning of after all year of grinding and beating your head against the wall that makes you remember theres always good in the world. You just got to have a little bit of perspective. That sometimes maybe we need to remember that inner child. To whittle things down to something simple. It would never occur to me to ask, what would Santa want, but we all want something. Even the guy in the hot red suit.

Anyway, I’m tired. And next week will bring more fun. So I’ll keep everyone updated as we get more news. Love you guys and blog at you later. Stay nice.