A year in the life

Get me a towel, I’m jumping in.

Well guys, today marks a year since Larry the tumor entered our lives. Can’t say this is a happy anniversary or anything we really wanted to remember but here we are. Last we spoke our heroine was getting the morphine pump removed due to a staff infection. Well, that was just the beginning of the nonsense. She began to develop fluid in her abdomen. We’d seen it before but thought it was from the surgery or the pump. Turns out it wasn’t. It’s a result of the liver going south. However right after all she went through with the pump they decided to stick a tube from her nose to her stomach, thinking there was a blockage. Well, there wasn’t. So they had to stick a needle in her side to draw it out. All five and a half liters. That’s right. A gallon and a half of water was taken out from her belly. About 14 pounds of belly stew. A couple days later they pulled three and a half liters. So in a couple of days, and I didn’t go to math school so I might have this wrong, that’s nine liters total (plus another three today but that’s another thing). If you’ve seen her, she doesn’t have anywhere to store five and a half liters. Now if you’re going to ask where this fluid comes from or why it collects, you can stop that. We know it’s because the liver is strained/damaged but that’s the extent of our knowledge. We can’t really get a straight answer. I know a lot of this sounds like we’re crapping all over Mayo. Granted, we’ve had some mind boggling experiences. But there have been two doctors and a PA there who could not have been better. Dr’s Ricard and Frey and Ricards PA Julie have truly been phenomenal through this whole thing. That said and this comes as no shock to anyone close to the situation……

She’s stopping chemo.

It happened when we were watching this video of a second tube that was going to be installed so we could extract the gut stew at home. She wanted no part of it. She had the thousand yard stare while staring at the video detailing the reverse vacuum technology. She was getting taken back and just said no, let’s wait. The next day we talked. She’s just tired of being poked, prodded, shot with poison, and generally everything else. So she’s cutting bait. We’re hoping she’ll feel better stopping the treatments, because all they’ve done to this point is make her feel like shit. She told Dr Frey the news today as she was getting drained (we’ll still have to do that plus Pain “management”). He’s going to replace the stints and pull Dwayne the drain. We’re telling the rest of them next week. So, yeah.

So we’re choosing not to look at this as a bad thing. While we’re of course upset it’s somewhat of a relief. Elizabeth feels like a huge weight has been lifted off her shoulders as I’m sure it’s been on her mind for a while, as it has mine. Hopefully she’ll feel better for a short time so we can squeeze out some living and as cheese so eloquently put it “take some pictures and make some memories”. She’s put up a hell of a fight and she’s tired. We’ve put in the call to hospice for help with things. That’ll actually be pretty tough for me to ease up on the reins a bit. I know Elizabeth posted on Facebook earlier but I’d like to share her sentiment. Everyone that’s been behind us through this journey and rode the wave, thank you. And for those that have stepped up when we needed you, whether we wanted it or not, from the bottom of our hearts, a special thanks. Love you guys and blog at you later.

This story ain’t over yet.

7 thoughts on “A year in the life

  1. Dear Bob and Elizabeth, Hannah and Haley too! You have been troopers through this whole ordeal this past year! You all deserve 1 million stars! Your siblings and your mother here plus Bob’s family are all behind you hundred % ! And I am sure all your friends are too! I’m ready to see you, Elizabeth, start to rise and shine so you can some quality time with your family! Hospice will be wonderful, as you well know Elizabeth how they took care of your father. You will not want for anything and their goal is to make you comfortable! Yeah Bob you have to let go of some of the rains but it’ll give you time , Quality time, to spend with your girls! Wow, another 3 L holy cow! That hurrah for no more tubes so you can turn over in her bed and get out of bed with more ease! Looking forward to more sunshine in your life , Peace in your heart, and Fun!
    I love you all very much, mom.


  2. Yes….I am behind and beside you, Elizabeth 100%….here for whatever you or your family may need. My love for you runs long and deep….searching for words which lead straight to my heart. Miss seeing you. Next week for sure. Don’t hesitate to call. Xo


  3. I completely understand. I worked for Hospice part time for 6 years. There comes a time when quality of life is far more important. Elizabeth, and your family, have been through SO much this past year. Of course, it hurts my heart, but you’re so right. It’s NOT over yet. You will be able to make some amazing memories together, and have some quality time as as family. Elizabeth is an amazing woman. I couldn’t go through 1/10th of what she has tolerated. This decision must make her feel far less stressed. You are a strong family! I have felt the love and closeness you all share. It’s time to enjoy your time without all the treatments, sickness from the treatments, and failed procedures. Say nothing about time in the hospital. My thoughts remain with you all, and my hope is that Elizabeth be able to sleep comfortably, visit family, friends & maybe some places she really enjoys. Hospice is a wonderful idea, and she will be able to do the planning for a change. Not the medical staff. Love to all you all! ❤️💚


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