Why am I doing this?

Hey kids, time to get back in the pool

So its been a while hasn’t it. Been a little busy with just doing. One of the things I’m doing is running the Gate River Run. That’s right, this guy is running a 15K. Well maybe not running. Well, barely running at all. A nice walk with occasionally throwing one foot in front of the other at an accelerated pace. But still, doing 15k. 9.3 miles with a big ass bridge at the end. It’s my second year in a row. I’ve had people ask me, why? Why would you do this? I make the jokes. Because I’m an elite athlete. There’s all you can drink free beer at the end (and not lying, thats a pretty great selling point). But theres actually more. See about three years ago and a couple of days I got news that would change my life. My wife, the mother to my children, was going to die. I remember that whole day like yesterday. How the hell am I supposed to do all this. A year later again, almost to the day, she passed. So last year I decided to get my butt out of the lounge and go “run” a race with 16000 of my closest friends. You may ask why? Because I can. Because I sat in that seventh floor wondering what the hell was coming next. Because I watched someone who two years ago was full of life wilt away. Because I can. I saw a sign that I should’ve bought during check in because I’ve thought it damn near every day since I saw it. It said “one day I wont be able to do this. Today ain’t that day”. So I did it. Last year in sort of remembrance and this year to look ahead. Not just at the 9.3 miles ahead but everything else. Ham and cheese moving on to their next steps in life. Kim and I figuring out our next steps. Everything that comes along in this crazy but wonderful life. Sometime along the way a friend of mine told me as I was going on about the bullshit going on that one of the reasons I was upset was because we were about to turn “the corner”. That corner that while you don’t have everything figured out, things just are a little easier. I got a lot of corners to turn on Saturday but I’d like to think I’ll one day get back to that “corner”. So I’ll keep doing it. The race and just life. It’s kind of the way I’ve done it the past two years, keep looking forward and occasionally look back to see how far I’ve gone. And at the end there will be all the beer I can drink either way.

So this was just a warm up. I’ll let you know how the story continues. Got a lot of stuff coming up that I’ll want to go long about. Graduations, life changes and soup reviews that will knock your socks off. Going to try to self publish the blogs of the year in hell (with some stuff added) and donate to charity, I’ll let you know about that. Hopefully all the people that said I should keep writing don’t come to their senses and say, Bob, thats enough. So after a year or so away from this I have no idea if any subscriptions still work but if you can, give it a shot. Or I’ll throw them up on the facegoogle and see what happens. Until then, love you guys, big kiss, muuuuuuuuahhhh


8 thoughts on “Why am I doing this?

  1. I loved reading this! We all Need to remember what is truly important, those we love and living for today! 💙💙💙 You have a beautiful writing ability, and I can’t wait to read more💙


  2. Good to hear that you are looking ahead, Bob. Life IS short and it goes by fast. I definitely look forward to a book about your journey over the last few years. I’m glad that the girls are doing well. Take care, good luck on the River Run and keep writing! ✌🏼🏃🏻‍♂️✍🏻🍻❤️


  3. You have a bunch of people in your corner, continuing the corner mindset. All of you! Keep posting! Keep sharing the Bob Reeves take on it all. You have a unique perspective and we all need more shankopotomus in our lives! Love you Savage Bob!


  4. Thank you for sharing again., Bob. This
    Mother of Elizabeth, is remembering all those days praying for healing and strength. Strength not only for Elizabeth but, for her family and friends! She was a fighter, so much for her husband and daughters, and the rest of her family! I will remember her not for her death and suffering but, for the love she shared with the children she taught! For the love she shared with their parents. For the deep love she had for Bob, Hannah and Haley! For her siblings whom she loved deeply! We all are blessed to have had her in our lives and the memories will be with us forever! 💚❤️ I am so thankful for having her as my daughter and all the love she shared with so many💕


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