Well that was fun

So, the second in this never ending blog of nonsense about the three legged table. Thanks for the renewed interest and such. It really means a lot more than you’ll ever know. I got one response from a reader from the past that it inspired her to volunteer at the regional hospice and palliative care facility where shes from. Pretty cool stuff because really, I never meant for it to do anything like that. So I read a few of the past blog as they popped up in my post the last few days. Some of the stuff is pretty funny and it made me chuckle a bit because I remember exactly how I felt then. Some did give me a little lift because of the support of everyone who “rode the wave”. The ones at the end were sad to say the least but it was the end of a really great story. Sorta like at the end of “The Notebook” when you’re crying but say wow, that was really great (or in my case the last Star Wars but I digress). A lot of memories of that year and others stirred up that I and ham and cheese, while we wish some hadn’t happened, are far better and stronger people because of it. So enough of the sappy, lets get to some happy.

As most of you know I ran the Gate River Run on Saturday. It was my standard couch to 15K where with no training whatsoever, our hero drags his ass off the couch, slide his six toed feet into running shoes, and for no good reason whatsoever, decides to participate in a road race. I finished ahead of a couple of old ladies with walkers, a group that had far to many mimosas during the race, and a couple that were pushing their twins in strollers (I’m not sure they were technically “in the race” but never let facts get in the way of a good story. The dastardly “Green Monster” Hart Bridge lived up to its name this year as the wind was just brutal as it could be. My time was 10 minutes better than last year which funny enough was 10 minutes better than the few years ago when I previously did it. If I keep up this pace I will soon be running up front with the “elite” athletes in about 10 years. Hannah took care of me post race with these normatex leg massager things at her work and sticking me in the cryotherapy chamber. For those not familiar with this form of torture you essentially strip down to your shorts and stay in a glass room thats -230 degrees. That’s right kids, -230 degrees for 3 minutes and 30 seconds. Think of that beer you stick in a Yeti cooler and its kinda like that. But you feel a thousand times better after you’re done with it so thats a plus.

We’ve also been watching “The Bachelor”. Now I know what you’re saying, Bob, turn in your man card, this is unacceptable. I completely get that. However my reason is two fold. One, Hannah and I watch it together, and any reason to sit and laugh with her is worth whatever shame I have watching this nonsense. Also, and little secret here, its really great. It wouldn’t be on this long if they didn’t have it figured out. It’s like one of those old bands that you’d never really listen to but go see in concert and understand why people really dig them and have been successful for so long. I started simply enough by stopping in the kitchen while Hannah was watching it. After poo-pooing it for probably seven and a half minutes, the next two and a half was figuring out what he would see in this brain-dead nincompoop past the fact she was smoking hot. Then I wanted to see the next episode because they promised “twists and turns” and I think somebody was crying at the end. Well now I have to watch it. I’m hooked. And like I said earlier, Hannah and I enjoy laughing at these clearly damaged folks who not only are trying to find love, but feel they actually deserve it. So we’re watching the last of this season tonight. Haley, god bless her, wants no part of it. I’ve long said shes the smartest of us.

So enough babbling for now. I’ll pop back in a couple of days to when something pops up. Love you savages.


One thought on “Well that was fun

  1. Glad you’re back!  I enjoy your stories, and am glad you and the girls are doing okay.  I knew the three of you would take care of each other.  Just to put myself in perspective, I was acquainted with your beloved Elizabeth, but her mom is my dear friend.  I love Mimi to pieces, and having lost a son to cancer myself I knew all the things she was going thru.  Anyway, congrats on the run!  Keep up all the good work.Jackie 💓👍🏼

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