Return of the Dragon

I’ll jump in here,

Well, shit. That sums up the past few days. Just, shit. So Friday was really good. Our heroine was upright, breathing without hurting, unplugged from the unit and headed off to her preschool to see the kids. Her sister drove her there and a fine time was had by all. So we then get to Saturday where, “she felt off”. Mmmkay. Like what? “I don’t know, just off”. OK. Let’s see where that goes. Well it went, you guessed it, to shit. She struggled through Sunday and monday we finally could contact our doctors. They said it was most likely the steroids she was prescribed for her joint pain and energy. I felt terrible as that has been the case before with these and should’ve remembered. I took them one time and as soon as they said that was the problem I told her exactly how she was feeling. Nervous energy, flushed feeling, tired but can’t sleep, all that. So we thought once we cut that, everything should be fine right?

Well we couldn’t have been more wrong. Tuesday, while she felt better from the steroids (or lack thereof) she started to get the pain from the new tumors against the diaphragm. This kept escalating throughout the day until we finally got in touch with pain management. I could go off but I’ll hold back as I was mad. Super pissed. Anyway they told us to head to the ER. Thankfully we got there when the waiting room was empty (more on that later). We got back and it was a madhouse. We got into a room, go settled and (cue the music)

Enter the Dragon.

Our old friend Dr Dragon popped on in. With his ponytail flowing majestically and all that. They asked her what her pain level was after they gave her an IV of dilaudin. It was an eight. AN EIGHT???!!!! Good lord I thought, this ain’t good. They pumped her with more and gave her some anti-psychotic drug that sometimes works. I had never heard of it but Elizabeth had and had a real level of, shall we say, uncomfortableness with taking it. See, she used to work with kids with severe mental issues and they would give whatever this was to them. Anyway, they tried it, it didn’t work, neither of us were really that surprised as was the doctor we saw who admitted us that said, really? Never heard of that one.

Anyway, between all that I went out to my truck to recharge my phone. As I walked out of the back into the waiting room I was greeting by some old dude puking in a bag. I then walked past some catatonic lady caterwauling like something I’ve never heard. I’m guessing thats what you would hear on like the third or fourth level of hell. It was packed like a sardine can full of misery, sickness, and suffering. I felt a twinge of a sore throat just walking through there. When I walked back in there was a lady that looked like she had her arms inside her shirt like she was cold or if you had your hands in the pocket of a sweatshirt. Upon further inspection her arms were out and those were her boobs resting on her thighs. I wanted to grab the old mans bag and puke in there with him. For all I know thats what started him up. After getting back to the room there was some guy who I could only imagine was coughing up his spleen and other organs. It was terrible.

So they admitted her and thats where we’re at today. They’ve plied her with more dilaudin to little or no real effect except the side effects that narcotics have. Surgery is on the agenda tomorrow to deaden the nerve that goes to the tumors that are banging against he diaphragm. There’s no guarantee it will completely work but some is better than none. That and the chemo will start to kill off these new ones and stop all this. But thats a process. Hopefully not long but a process nonetheless. She’s sleeping right now. She looks peaceful. So theres that. And I know she’s in pain, but I’m here to tell you, these fold out beds are modern day torture racks. When I rose like Frankenstein’s monster to go get coffee as I walked out the door one of the nurses actually said “oh that fold out got you honey”. I could do nothing but grimace. Again, I know my bride is in terrible pain but damn, this thing makes sleeping on a sidewalk seem like bags of feathers held up by angels. Come on mayo, step up your game here.

For all that have asked, the girls are doing good. I’m fortunate/blessed to have them standing with me. I’ve also said it before, the guys at work that pick up my slack are phenomenal. For everyone who has asked what they could do I’ll say it again, for right now we’re fine. Just thoughts and calls help to break everything up. We have help we can call if needed. And believe me, we’ll need a lot more before this is wrapped up and we will definitely let you know. Anyway, love you guys and blog at you later. Peace out homey.


2 thoughts on “Return of the Dragon

  1. Bob and Elizabeth I just want to say your spirit is amazing! I pray for you all everyday and will not cease. I wish I could do more, but I do think of you often and you all are
    In my heart. Much love and respect I have for your family. I also pray for peace.


  2. While I can’t imagine what you’re feeling emotionally, I can sympathize with what you’re feeling physically. I’ve been living in a hospital room with my new fiance since Saturday. The fold out beds were designed by the devil. I pray Mayo has better food than the hospital we’re at lol. I continue to pray for you guys. Please let us know how things go tomorrow.


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