What were we thinking about?

Let me jump right in here

So its been a while, about a week. Been a little bit going on, so lets review. After our saturday night rendezvous with the er doctor/male model, Dr Dragon we went in monday to review for chemo. Spoke with the doctor and realized, much to our chagrin, we would have to get a second drain tube installed. We’re running out of names so we’ll now have a contest to name Dwayne the drains brother. We will dig deep into the prize closet and give you a big box of nothing but pride as we really have nothing to offer.

So we went in Wednesday for the install port for the chemo. As our heroine has named nothing in this story she decided to give her sidekick the name, Perry. Perry the Port. It’s not as bad as one would think. One would think that it would look like an electrical socket. No no, its just a little lump under the skin. Now is it a lump you want? Well, no. But will it stop her arms from looking like a pincushion? Yeah. Is that better? Absolutely. So we’ll go with that. We start with the chemo on monday (tomorrow). The nurse convinced us that everything you have heard about chemo is nonsense. The sickness, the hair loss, could happen, just drink a ton of water, everything should be fine. She even said, if you get sick at home, we aren’t doing our job here. Of course she also said if she does get sick, I shouldn’t touch it without rubber gloves. So that’s awesome.

The week went by uneventful as far as that. Little sore, but fine nonetheless. Friday I had a late lunch with a good friend (when I mean lunch, I think we ate, maybe) then we went to dinner with her family. We wound up at the house and her sister brought wine. I think around midnight Elizabeth opened the door to the lounge and politely told us to quiet down. Drunk as rats we decided to lower the decibels but kept on going for an hour or two more.

We went to a weekend at the Ponte Vedra Inn the next day that some of her parents at school paid for. Needless to say the morning after I was playing hurt but by the afternoon everything was back to even as far as I was concerned. There’s really not a lot margaritas on the beach can’t fix (yeah, I get the irony of that). We had a fine time and will be well rested and ready to start punching Larry in the head tomorrow with chemo.

One thing that came up though and her sister Judy said it a week or so ago. It’s really stuck with me. What did we think about a month ago? I had no answer and still don’t. Because I don’t remember. What did I think about? Every other thought now is about the situation we’re in. And its a lot. I know, I know, God won’t give you more than you can handle. Well God, you have served up Christmas dinner, Thanksgiving lunch, and Easter brunch and given us a platter the size of a WWE championship belt and a fork. But I now think a little more about what’s in passerbys heads. How I’d actually probably love to have what they think are problems.  Nah, they have issues. They have things that are going to work out one way or another and move on. Issues where that you can grab your loved ones, get in a car, and still have a fun night. I can’t wait for that night to happen again. I’m sure it will again. I hope to just think about what color tile I want to put in our bathroom. Why won’t the grass ever grow in this spot in my front yard. How come I can’t work out at my gym with flip flops. But tomorrow and the near future it won’t

On a little housekeeping note, I want to thank Heather for starting the go fund me site and my buddy Wayne for promoting it and having the Elizabeth challenge. I honestly have no words for the amount of gratitude I have for you guys and everyone who contributed. And again, the package on our doorstep. Come forward and be identified. At least to us so we can give you love you deserve. I know this post has been a little heavy but I promise the next one will have a few more laughs in it. I’ll go dig a jar of funny out of the backyard like a hillbilly digs out a jar of dolla bills to go out on the town with. I’ll try not to be so long between next time either.  Until then, love you guys and blog at you later.

6 thoughts on “What were we thinking about?

  1. You don’t always have to be funny, Bob. There must be days where it’s just not there. I do appreciate your updates, and the humor is a bonus. Please let Elizabeth know that I’ll be thinking about her tomorrow, sending many positive vibes.

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